Reunion Guidelines & Requirements

April 30, 2015 -
2016 Whitley Collins Family Reunion


Detailed event guidelines, requirements and dress codes developed by the family reunion event planner, Ruth Spillers.

April 10, 2015 – 9:08pm:  Please copy this and keep this post in your files. We have over 700 family members on our email list and about 636 included on the family Facebook page.

All answers you need to know will be in this letter and if you have any questions, please do not inbox or email, pick up the phone and call the number below in the fee amount section. Do not leave a message, because we will not get the message. Answering machine always full to capacity.

The Whitley ,Collins ,Matthews ,Dunbar ,Wright ,Woods ,King ,Swift, Spillers ,Dunbar ,Square, Davis ,Turner, Bennett, Ebeck Family Reunion, AKA The Whitley Collins Reunion will be held the third weekend in July 2016. 

*Please visit Whitley Collins on Facebook for official family reunion information, date changes and other updates. This information is subject to change. See Ruth Spillers at for updates.


July 15, 16 & 17, 2016                             


On the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Moss Point, Mississippi, at Pelican Landing Convention Center.


The Evidence: It Is All In Black And White”                     


Black or white semi-formal or black and white. Men suits and not t-shirts men (PLEASE!). You are the only ones without full cooperation when it comes to the semi-formal dress.


Talent and fashion show night will be in Hawaiian décor.  Wear your Hawaiian outfits. The theme will be the Whitley Collins family on vacation in Hawaii.


If you want to head up the talent and fashion show or work with somebody on that portion of the reunion let us know. Don’t get to the reunion and say I did not know and you did not ask me. This has happened. If you want to be a hostess, on programs such as talent, fashion, banquet, serve food or anything let us know now. It was posted over and over on the reunion site for help and participation in 2014, and we still had people that said you did not ask me. 

Family reunions are a very hard job to host. A lot of your personal money is spent and never regained along with a lot of legal responsibilities, such as deposits for buildings, workers, equipment, hotel, ALL TYPES of contracts for you to sign and be personally responsible, etc. you have a lot of personalities to deal with also. People that understand and people that don’t want to understand.

FUTURE REUNIONS:  If you are planning on hosting the family reunion in 2018, you need to get busy now. Plans for Reunion 2016 was made in August 2014 and been working hard ever since on the 2016 family reunion.

This will be the tenth year of the family reunion and we plan to have a big celebration. We are hearing from our DNA connections all over the country and some say they will attend the family reunion. Some are African Americans and some are White. That little swab in your mouth to get the DNA can bring about all colors of people. I think the highest number we received from the reports of kinship is the Matthews family. Some sent pictures and they do look like the Matthews clan.

Our theme last reunion THE LONG ROAD HOME BACK TO AFRICA, brought about a lot of information on our beginning in Africa and the European and Asian countries. 


The reunion information guidelines are updated and will be strictly enforced by the guidelines and rules with no exceptions.


It was posted on the family Facebook and by U. S. mail to start paying on your reunion fees with a deposit for each adult of $50.00, so building, contracts, DJ, hotel contracts could be secured. The deadline was December 16, 2014. Some people secured their reservations for the family reunion and some did not.


  • All Fees Paid – The deadline for payment of ALL FEES is now April 30, 2016 April 1, 2016 (February 27, 2016).
  • Refunds – No refunds after May 1, 2016..


The host hotel, the Comfort is already full to the capacity with the Whitley/Collins Descendants. The alternate hotel, the Hampton is almost filled to my contract. If you have not made your reservations, you need to get on it. The HAMPTON INN telephone number is 228-246-0777. Ask for the Whitley/Collins Family Reunion block. I think the rate is $99.00 per NIGHT. The Comfort Inn was $89.00 per night. All plus taxes. I am not recommending any other hotels. If you get another hotel, you are on your own for anything that may arise.

The reunion updates and guidelines will be strictly enforced by the guidelines with no exceptions. Too many problems and confusion in the past causing the reunion hosts SPENDING their own personal money.


Everybody must pay their reunion fees and before the deadline and the amount designated for everybody. Just because you made your hotel reservations, will not qualify you to attend the family reunion if you have not paid your deposit for the family reunion. If you have children attending the reunion, you did not have to pay their deposit, only the adult deposits at this time, but you must send in the number of children attending so they will have a seat until they are paid. The children will be at a later date to pay in full their reunion fees before reunion deadline date. The adults’ deposits are due now and has been due since December 2014. You have to have funds to plan a reunion. The reunion seats are going fast. The building will only hold 400 for this type of event according to safety codes of the city and the seats are filling up, so you need to make your reservations now with the reunion committee. It cannot be any exceptions. The reunion deadline date is April 30, 2016. This still will not qualify you for a seat at the reunion if you have not paid the initial deposit, due now.

There will be no paying at the door. No half fees asked once the reunion start. No just hollering at family, etc. We are penalized if the wrong number is turned in to the convention center on attendance. I got penalized $200.00 for the wrong amount of people attending the 2014 family reunion. Everybody was gone home and I was left holding the expenses. I can see people on the video that did not pay. The family can’t watch everybody that is why we will have an independent security, picture ID and bracelet. 

CANCELLATION:  We cannot plan for you if you pay the last minute. There will also be a date set for no refunds and that date will be May 1, 2016 (previously June 1. 2016), but your deposit should be sent now if you plan to attend the reunion.

Some family members invite other nearby family members to the reunion and they do not pay. Now yall know everybody have to pay. Whether they attend the entire reunion, one day, one hour, one minute, the fees are still the same. Do not invite family or friends to the reunion unless they are paid in full. 

A picture ID will be required by everyone in attendance and a bracelet will be issued to you to wear during the reunion in your registration packet. You must show the required when you enter or exit the building at every event. This will be done by an independent security agency.

You are responsible for securing your own hotel rooms and all the problems that you may have with the registration and credit cards.

You are required to have your own transportation to and from the airports, unless you made arrangements with the reunion committee in advance. You must arrive before 12 noon on that Friday in order to be picked up by the committee. We will not pick you up because we have to get ready for the banquet also. The banquet will start at 5:30pm this time, in order to take the children on their night out after the banquet, IF enough money is paid. Last reunion, people paid late and made it hard to sign bus contract, secure places for children entertainment.

The nearest airports are the Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi Airport, the Mobile, Alabama airport and the New Orleans, Louisiana airport. We will only pick you up at the /Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi airport or the Mobile, Alabama airport. We will not have any pickups at the New Orleans, Louisiana airport. The Gulfport/Biloxi airport is about a 20 minute drive and the Mobile, Alabama airport is located 25 miles from the reunion site, and the New Orleans airport is an hour and fifteen minutes from the reunion site.

All family reunion videos will be paid in advance at the family reunion. None will be ordered after the family reunion. Too costly.

All photographs will be paid in advance to the photographer after your picture is delivered at the reunion.



FAMILTY REUNION FEES ( T-Shirts are not included in Reunion Fees)

  • Adult Fees:  $100.00 Each
  • 13 through 17…………….$50.00
  • 6 through 12……………..$25.00
  • 0 through 5 years………

Special Message for Students:  13 through 18 and still in school or college and on parents, $50.00 and limit to 21 years old if you are in college living with parents waiting to graduate in 2016. Proof of college attendance.

18 years that does not meet above requirements $100.00

T-SHIRT SIZES & PRICES:  Last day to order t-shirts will be April 30, 2016

Adult size to XL $10.00  and all children sizes

Other Sizes

  • 2X……….$12.00
  • 3X……….$14.00
  • 4X……….$15.00
  • 5X……….$16.00
  • 6x……….$17.00


P.O. BOX 5230

Phone:  (228) 475-1936


Payment Gateway

Courtesy Credit Card Service is offered by the Collins-Kin Group of Georgia. Payments are sent via U.S. Postal Service Check to Ruth Spillers. See Terms & Conditions page for details.

This information was originally posted by Ruth Spillers on April 10, 2015, at 9:08PM. 


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