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Hello Collins Family Relatives, Friends and Guests,

Welcome to the Collins-Kin.com family web site. This website is sponsored by the descendants of Rafe Collins, Sr. and Sarah Jennings-Collins, of Jonesville, Louisiana.

The Collins Kin family organization was developed to provide a common and convenient communication link for gathering, distributing and archiving information about the Collins family (i.e., historical data, current news, reunions, marriages, births and deaths); to provide awards, philanthropy, education and voluntarism services to related and registered Collins family members and documented Collins family organizations.

Collins Kin is a member of the Whitley Collins Descendants group. Whitley Collins Descendants is one of the largest documented African-American family organizations, with over 15,000 registered family members (confirmed death and birth records). Historical information on the Whitley Collins family dates back to the late 1700’s.

The Collins family website has been in existence since 2001 (previously  known as the Collins Family Mother’s & Daughter’s Network). Visit our NEWS area for up to date information on the 2016 Family Reunion and other family events and happenings.

Collins-Kin.com is comprised of several informational areas:

The Events area provides announcements about major family events and activities.
Photo Gallery
Feel free to submit family photos for posting on this website. Include names, dates or as much information as possible.
Family Tree
A Family Tree generator has been added to this website. Interested in creating a family tree for your branch of the Collins family? Contact us today for details. Your family tree must connect to Rafe Collins, Jr. and Alice Lee Collins, their parents, siblings, children or  ancestors. Some family surnames include but are not limited to Whitley, Collins, Dunbar, Jennings, Dozier, Spillers, Green, Brown, etc.

Special Note:  Contact Cousin Ruth Spillers, Family Historian and Genealogist, for information on the Collins family and the Whitley Collins Descendants group. The Whitley Collins Descendants group is one of the largest documented African-American family organizations, with over 15,000 registered family members (confirmed death and birth records). Historical information on the Whitley Collins family dates back to the late 1700’s. Visit www.facebook.com/whitley.descendents.

News Blog
Includes historical and current news about the Collins family, with an interactive feature for adding personal comments and social media posts. Important Facebook postings from Ruth Spillers (www.facebook.com/whitley.descendents), the event organizer for the Whitley Collins Family Reunion, are also posted on the News Blog.
Online Payment
Payment Gateway

Courtesy Credit Card Service is offered by the Collins-Kin Group of Georgia for the 2016 Whitley-Collins Family Reunion. Payments are sent via U.S. Postal Service Money Order to Ruth Spillers. See Terms & Conditions page for details. This option is for Willie and Rafe Collins Family Members only.

The Collins-Kin Online Store is coming soon.  Merchandise to be offered may include but not be limited to: monogrammed coffee cups, mugs and other memorabilia; homemade food products such as baked goods; mixed spices and flavorings; packaged dry goods and; canned and preserved foods such as jellies, jams, pickled vegetables, sauces and marinades.The purpose of the Collins-Kin Online Store is to help defray costs related to the administration and maintenance of Collins-Kin.com, and to minimize and offset, as far as possible,  costs associated with the organization of family events such as reunions, dinners and other family activities.
Your Family
home-4Interested in having your own family website, or Collins-Kin.com website branch?  Examples: www.whitley-collins.com, dunbar.collins-kin.com, etc. We can assist you in setting up your website (same basic website design as this one with different colors), and teach you how to manage your family website at no cost. You and your family would be responsible for any external vendor costs that you may choose to purchase.

See below examples of potential external vendor costs. The first two (2) items represent basic services required to maintain any website. Everthing else is extra and optional.

  • 1Annual domain name registration.
  • 1Annual website hosting services.
  • Optional Service – Custom redesign of website. (no additional cost if you use our standard design with different colors).
  • Optional Service – Purchase of website template (no additional cost if you use our standard design template with different colors).
  • Optional Service – Website programming and coding services (if any).
  • Optional Service – Other external vendor services that you may choose to purchase.

     1These items represent basic website costs that are required to maintain any website. You choose your own external vendors, or we can suggest vendors that we use. Website hosting service costs generally start at around $60.00 per year (see www.godaddy.comwww.1and1.com, etc,).  Domain name registration costs generally start at $7.99 per year. 

Please contact us if you have additional information on the family’s history or see corrections needed. This web

Thank you for visiting the Collins Kin Family website.

Deborah Collins-Nears
Information Coordinator


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