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Whitley Collins Family Tree Project

August 23, 2015:  Excerpt from Ruth Spillers Facebook post. Important News Letter. Please Read In Its Entirety! Let’s first give thanks again to Norma Dunbar of Jonesville Louisiana, our head...
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Massacre of Black Worshippers in SC

By:  Reverend William D. Watley, PhD., Senior Pastor St. Phillip AME Church, Atlanta, Georgia, June 21, 2015 The expression “Massacre or Slaughter of the Holy Innocents” traditionally has...
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ACA and African Americans

The Affordable Care Act is working in terms of affordability, access, and quality for African American families, seniors, businesses, and taxpayers. This includes African Americans who were...
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Nichole D. Nears-Seals

Nichole is the oldest child of Deborah A. Collins-Nears and Sylvester W. Nears.
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