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Re-post from December 31, 2015 - 9:18am - Oakland, CA
Collins and Jennings Family Group. Nykita Collins

19-Jan-2016:  Hi Collins And Jennings Family!!! I created a Facebook Group, Collins and Jennings, because I've been trying to make an attempt for years to get the Rafe and Willie Clan together for my generation, as well as Deborah and Nihcole who is the daughter and granddaughter of Rafe. But it's been really hard for all of us that have made attempts.

I am the granddaughter of Willie Collins, daughter of Rudy Collins. I would love to get with someone from Rafe's side so that we can compare notes in regard the family tree. Meanwhile, maybe we can post updates here and on Facebook of accomplishments, gatherings, birthdays, etc. Maybe we can also share history on health to possibly let people know about things going on that could have some relation to our family's health history. There was one child who was hospitalized with an ailment and the Dr. kept asking if the ailment ran in the family. She told the Dr. it didn't, but in actuality it did, and very heavily. My main goal is to acquaint the decedents of the two brothers, and then move on to have a larger family reunion to include the family members of their parents.

If anyone wants to get involved, please let me know. I'm open to all suggestions. Interested? Please join us on Facebook at or Inbox me at

Thank you,

Nykita Collins

2 thoughts on “Collins And Jennings Family

  1. D. Collins -

    Antoine Collins Hello Deborah A. Collins-Nears, THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL THING THAT YOU’LL ARE DOING! FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY!!! You and cousin Nykita Collins are a blessing in trying to keep it all together! Hope to meet you some day live in person but til then,may GOD continue using you and Nykita in doing what yall doing in regards to trying to keep this family in the knowing about who we all are to one another= FAMILY! PEACE&LOVE:).
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  2. D. Collins -

    Deborah A. Collins-Nears Thank you. I am so glad that Nikita started this group. I’m not sure if you remember me but I remember seeing you as a small boy. Good bless and keep you and your family. I hope to be in California sometime in March 2016. I would love to see you as a grown-up. smile emoticon I also plan to go to the Whitley Collins Family Reunion in July 2016. Best regards, Deborah A. Collins-Nears

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