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Tyler Perry

April 2, 2016: Again our famous family members. Family members have been confirmed through research and some confirmed through DNA. Yall keep this in your memory, I am an old lady and memory getting bad. lol

Famous family members are listed below. Everyone has been notified of the kinship except the Rokers and Lenny Kratvitz.  We emailed Al Roker, but no answer as of yet.

  • Roxie Roker – DNA – Played Helen On The Jeffeson
  • Al Roker – Weatherman- DNA
  • Lenny Kratvitz – DNA
  • Sweet Lou Dunbar – Now head coach of the Harlem Globetrotters and one of the most famous showmen In Globetrotters history. Family history research and DNA, Roots – Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
  • Michael Boatman – Actor, Author; The Good Wife, Gray Anatomy, Spin City, Instant Mom. And Many, Many, More Movies.Family History Research, Roots Concordia Parish, Louisiana
  • Doug Williams, The First Black Quarterback To Start And Win In A Superbowl, Washington Redskins, DNA and Family History Research; Roots – East Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Ann Nesby – 3 Time Grammy Nominee, Singer, Actress And Starred In The Movie Fighting Temptations With Cuba Gooding, Jr..and Beyonce; Roots – Franklin Parish, Louisiana And Winnsboro, Louisiana
  • Cherish R& B Group, a Jermaine Dupree Protege; Roots – East Baton Rouge, Louisiana And Adams County, Mississippi; Cherish Parents – Father was a Member Of Earth, Wind And Fire; Mother – The Emotions.
  • Evelyn Jones Playwright – Family History Research
  • Tyler Perry – Gospel Playwright- Our Own Tyler Perry; Roots – Concordia Parish, Louisiana
  • Shirley BennettAnn Nesby Sound of Blackness – Family History Research, Franklin Parish, Louisiana And Winnsboro,Louisiana
  • Paris Bennett, Roots, Franklin Parish, Louisiana, Rockford, Illinois, And Winnsboro, Louisiana
  • Junero Jennings — Star Trek, Family History And DNA; Roots Rapides Parish, Louisiana
  • And Me, Ruth Chatman-Spillers, I Am A Famous Researcher, The Awesome Genealogist, Lol
Some of the above are on our family page and some attended reunions in the past.
FYI:  We are not related to Raven Simone but have some family members in our family that is related to Raven, but the entire family is not related. 

Famous Family Under Construction:(Research)
Kym Whitley– So close on the research, but my contact took a vacation for a little while. I am in communication with Kym'S first or second cousin. Kym Whitley manager told me that Whitley is her real name not a made up stage name. Her ancestors are from the same county in north carolina as our Whitley family.
Bootsey Collins – Got his phone number, but everytime i call he is not in or on a tour for the past years. Now yall know Bootsey ain't that busy
i will keep calling. Lol
Snoop Dog and Brandy, and her brother, still under construction. This will be on the Collins side, if my research proveS out.
C. J. Spiller of the New Orleans Saints. Still under research.
For those that don't know Cherish Group. They are on our Whitley side. This is one of their videos. Cherish is our family through DNA and research. They are under the GGG Briss Whitley clan.
If i think of any more, i will name later…Ruth Spillers
Ruth Spillers  Whitley Collins Descendents

Cherish Group


After listening to Cherish, listen to cousin and my girl Ann Nesby cd with Lenny Williams and Keith Sweat.



Performed live @ Sheryl Lee Ralph's Diva's simply singing. Ann Nesby performs with her daughter JAMECIA and Grand daughter PARIS BENNETT on their generations single "BEST FRIEND". Also a special performance from Ann Nesby's "This Is Love" Album "I Apologize".
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