Shiral Denise Bigelow Fane

Shiral Denise Bigelow Fane
Female View treeBorn: 1961-06-13
Father: Ernest Lewis BigelowMother: Shirley R. Collins
Children: none
Siblings: Dena Javay Bigelow

Born in Oakland, California, Shiral Denise Bigelow Fane (54) is the second oldest child of Shirley Collins-Bigelow-Kelly and Ernest Lewis Bigelow. She has been married to Anthony Fane, Sr. of Fresno, California for 30 years. Shiral has two children, Anthony Fane, Jr. (30) and Courtney Fane (28), and one granchild, Malcolm J. Fane, (11 months), the son of Anthony Fane Jr.

Shiral is a retired peace officer for the State of California. Shiral loves working with her hands, from sewing, wedding planning and custom decorations, to carpentry. She has built fireplace mantels, TV stands, tray ceilings, church columns, pulpits, stairways and more.


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  1. Shiral Fane -

    I have two children a son and daughter; Anthony R. Fane Jr., age 30yrs.old and Cortney R. Fane, age 28, both of them live in Fresno, CA. I have one grandchild name Malcolm J. Fane, age 11 month old father Anthony Fane Jr. My husband and I have been married for 30 years his name is Anthony Fane Sr.

    Thank you

    Shiral Fane

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