Special Announcement About Alcoholic Beverages

From Ruth Spillers, Whitley Collins Descendants, 8-Feb-2016
No body said you couldn't drink alcohol. Please beware the Whitley Collins Family Reunion does not supply or host alcoholic drinks.

Whitley Collins Family Reunion
(Update From 8-Feb-2016)

Read entire post so that you will know, I forgot to mention, we do not have alcohol at any of our events. We always have an excellent time at the reunion and food to no end.

  • Please do not bring people to the reunion that’s not paid. Please do not invite people to come see you at the reunion that have not paid.
  • A Special ID will be required at each event.
  • Again, save them an embarrassing moment, please do not Invite people to see you at the reunion that did not pay.
  • This happened last time but won’t happen this year. I am fined a fee when people get in that have not been counted and turned in to the even t center. Last reunion I got charged a $200.00 fine after everybody was gone. I saw the people on the video after the reunion was over, just prancing around like they paid to attend.
  • This is not a FREE event. The above happened last Reunion 2014.

Thank you,

Ruth Spillers
Whitley Collins Descendents

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2 thoughts on “Special Announcement About Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Deborah Nears -

    So we can drink alcohol, but not at the family sponsored events. Okay, I hear that Cousin Lou Dunbar throws and awesome party!

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