Family Reunion Events & Schedule

Whitley-Collins Reunion 2018 Family Reunion Events & Schedule of Activities and Information. 20-July-2018 – Register and pickup your Welcome Package at the Comfort Inn.

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Reunion Countdown!

From Ruth Spillers | Whitley Collins Descendents | Feb 5 at 8:32am | Reposted Feb 16 at 9:50pm Only T-Shirt money due in full by February 10. No T-Shirts will be sold at the reunion. No extra t shirts will be ordered. For other reunion fees you can still make payments until all is paid […]

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Whitley Collins Family Tree Project

August 23, 2015:  Excerpt from Ruth Spillers Facebook post. Important News Letter. Please Read In Its Entirety! Let’s first give thanks again to Norma Dunbar of Jonesville Louisiana, our head database person. Norma goes way beyond the call of duty. Way, way, way beyond the call. Will Wallace of Culpeper, Virginia, a newcomer but earned […]

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Reunion News 9-Feb-2018

Whitley, Collins, Matthews, Dunbar, Swift, Wright, Woods, King, Square, Spillers, Swift, Ebeck, Turner, Davis, and Descendants. Time to make plans for the Whitley Collins Family Reunion 2018! Contact Ruth Spillers at 228-475-1936.

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Message From Ruth Spillers

Some families are praying for just a little more time to get their fees in. Meeting with the conference center next weekend. In the meantime keep sending in those fees. They may grant me more time and they may not. Have to make a report next week.
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Almost all services performed for Collins Kin are voluntary; a few family members and friends contributing time and service at no cost to Collins Kin. There are also tasks and services associated with Collins Kin that are not provided by volunteer service. Donations from family members towards miscellaneous expenses are a great way to help defray costs and […]

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Whitley Collins Genealogy

14-Apr-2016 Facebook Repost From:  Ruth Spillers, Whitley Collins Descendents. Read the entire post. It’s long but you won't hear it on the street. You have to read it on the Family’s Facebook Timeline. This is interesting and information you can boastMore…

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Collins – Dunbar – Harper Families

16-Feb-2016: Join the grandchildren and great grandchildren of 1Mary Ella Day for a special dinner, breakfast and five (5) day retreat in New Orleans, Louisiana. WHAT Collins – Dunbar – Harper Family Retreat. WHEN – SATURDAY, July 9, 2016, 6:00 PM:  Family Dinner

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Willie (WC) Collins, Jr.

Please tell us something about Willie (WC) Collins, Jr…. his birthdate, favorite memories, stories and tales…

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Willie Collins, Sr.

Willie Collins Senior was Married to Josie Collins. They had five (5) boys.

  • Gerald (Perry)
  • Floyd
  • Frederick
  • Jessie
  • Rudy


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