Warrant Officer Cecil Chatman Dies

From Ruth Spillers | Whitley Collins Descendants | May 12 at 9:22pm

I am out of my head right now, I can't stop crying. I’ve been looking for my brother, Warrant Officer Cecil Chatman. U.S. Army, for three days, calling and everything he works for the military. A minute ago we sent the police to his house in El Paso, Texas. They found him dead from a fall. I can't stop crying, my favorite brother 58 years old.

Whitley Collins Descendants | Wedesday, May 13, 2015 at 5:26am

Rest in peace my brother. Warrant Officer Cecil Chatman. U.S. Army. We think he fell in a major store and probably went home with a major concussion and later died alone. My brother Cecil lived in Texas. Will find out more information on his death as time passes.

Special prayers for the Chatman family of Moss Point, Mississippi.

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2 thoughts on “Warrant Officer Cecil Chatman Dies

  1. Pedro Guzman -

    My condolences.. Mr Chatman was a great supervisor, and also a great friend and a great man.. I will miss him very much. He taught me a lot about life…

  2. Antonia Araiza -

    Rest in peace Mr. Chatman he was a great man, respectful. I visited him two weeks before he passed away, and he told, me Ms Toni that’s the way he call me. I need to go check my leg, it’s being hurting me. I left and after those two weeks my daughter call me, to tell me about Mr. Chatman, it’s hard to believe that he’s not here with us, I still cry, but I thank God, that he’s not in pain, no more. It hurts me, till this day. I told my daughter that on Sunday, Mother’s Day I had a dream, That Mr. Chatman came and told me bye. That he was happy cause he was living, with a smile on his face. God bless his family, comfort them, his daughter. My condolences to Mr. Chatman’s family

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