Whitley Collins Genealogy

14-Apr-2016 Facebook Repost From: Ruth Spillers, Whitley Collins Descendents
Whitley Collins Decendants Genealogy, From 1795

14-Apr-2016 Facebook Repost From:
Ruth Spillers, Whitley Collins Descendents
Whitley Collins Descendents

2018 Whitley Collins Family ReunionRead the entire post. It’s long but you won’t hear it on the street. You have to read it on the Family’s Facebook Timeline.

This is interesting and information you can boast about to your friends. Most African Americans and some other races can’t

boast about what they have, we can stand up to the so called best nationwide. We are the best 2016 genealogy team.

Congratulations to the Whitley Collins Genealogy Team that’s been working on your family history for the past two years. They have something awesome to present. They are truly dedicated researchers.

Your eyes will pop out. They gave their time and finances over the past two years to make the best presentation to the Family Reunion 2016.

Some are team members since 1998. We started on the planning for the entire reunion in 2014. We do not wait on the last minute to do reunion planning. We had one hotel sold out the last part of July in 2014.

I have one book that I finished this year that you have to carry on a dolly, and that is the truth. Ya’ll have some stuff! LOL

1795_whitley-collins_x300x375Come and see what we found back to 1795. As we speak, we have a member that’s been at the archives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana all this week on a special project. They had to travel out of town to get to Baton Rouge.

Nothing is free in genealogy. You have to pay for everything. I paid one hundred dollars ($100) on an occasion for an eight and one half (8 ½) sheet that contained a death certificate that was very important to the family history. The information dated back 116 years on one of our grannies. I found that one in New Orleans with the help of researcher Vanessa Fountain. That granny lived in Jonesville but was carried to New Orleans and that is where she died in 1926. She was brought back to Jonesville after her death and buried on the Glade Plantation where she was a slave.

One researcher called me last year and said, “I just spent a little over $452.00 for a will and some more copies that will be outstanding in the 2016 family history presentation. My response was, you are crazy, but if you are a true genealogist, you will do some crazy stuff and spend your own money to crack a brick wall.

I got that information and we cracked the case. That information came from LSU Hill Memorial Library. They have outstanding records on all Parishes. Again, they had to travel out of town to LSU for this information.

That is how dedicated your family historians are in this research. That was their own personal money. We are the storytellers of the family for the 2016 presentation. The names listed below are the storytellers for this reunion. A lot of hard work. Come to the reunion and see your story.

  • Ruth Spillers – Moss Point, Mississippi, Since 1998
    First Research Assignment 1980 on My Mother’s Side Of The Family
  • Norma Dunbar – Jonesville, Louisiana, Since 1998
  • Vanessa Fountain – Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Since 1998
  • Elizabeth Barquet – Federal Way, Washington, Since 2002
  • Willis Wallace– Culpeper, Virginia, Since 2011

You will meet these people at reunion, along with our regular team of researchers.

FYI, when we go in these family history libraries, and genealogy establishments, we have to strip down to enter the establishment. Most establishments won’t let us use our writing equipment. Most of them assign you a locker to put your personal belongings in. You can’t take them in the room with you. They don’t want you to have nothing on your body but your clothes.

Most supply your pencil and paper and most of them won’t let you use a ball point pen. It is important to know who you are and where you originated from. We have cracked several medical queries for family and doctors. Now they know why and how things happened.

2016 team for the reunion 2016 report. Special SWAT team for 2016. If we can’t connect you, you haven’t been born.

Whitley Collins Family History https://www.facebook.com/whitley.descendents

Whitley Collins Decendants Genealogy Team – Whitley Collins Genealogy


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