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From Ruth Spillers, Whitley Collins Descendants, 23-August-2015
Norma Dunbar
August 23, 2015:  Excerpt from Ruth Spillers Facebook post.

Important News Letter. Please Read In Its Entirety!

Let’s first give thanks again to Norma Dunbar of Jonesville Louisiana, our head database person. Norma goes way beyond the call of duty. Way, way, way beyond the call.

Will Wallace of Culpeper, Virginia, a newcomer but earned the right to be one of our main family history researcher, Liz parquet of federal way, Washington another main researcher and our long time head and present researcher, gale turner brown of baton rouge, Louisiana our head foot soldier researcher for all. Their hard work on the family history for the past four years and some since 1998. And to present all of the above have had tremendous problems and sickness but they love family and family history and kept working for family using their time and finances.

I am giving myself some thanks too. It’s been a hard row to hoe and still is with chemo and radiation but we are dedicated family workers.

Now is the time to make sure you are on the family tree. After December we will not be adding anybody to the family tree. Do not wait until December that will be too late and there will be no exceptions. Now is the time For checking your status on the family tree.

Official Whitley Collins Family Tree Information Form

Official Family Tree Information Form  Send completed form to Norma Dunbar.

Do not ask in the comment section. Inbox us for your status on whether you are on the tree. We will be trying to find a way to print the tree to be displayed at the family reunion. There will be no exceptions after December 1. If you are not sure you are on the beautiful family tree, inbox me. Last reunion we only had one third of the family tree displayed. It was too

Expensive to print the tree at last reunion. It is now over.

Fifteen thousand members on our tree and these people are blood related in some way. It is not a hoax. The tree includes pictures of everybody. You can send pictures or you don’t have to send pictures. It is what you want on the tree including information about your family.

The tree is probably the largest one in the world. It cost thousands and thousands of dollars to print.

When Rudy Debies of Salt Lake City was living, we did not have this problem. Rudy died at an early age of 45 and our printing of the tree died with him. He loved family and family history.

When he printed his last tree on his death bed, he said, Ruth you will need this when I am gone. How right he was.

At that time he had the equipment to print the tree for reunions. It was very hard on him and he was so weak at the time, but believe me, he printed that tree. That equipment is obsolete now.

It was around seven thousand at that time when Rudy died maybe around 12 years ago. I can’t remember. We truly miss Rudy helping with the family

Tree and his love for family.

We are trying to find a miracle on how we can get the tree printed. We have been around the world trying to find a way to print the family tree with several companies and they all want thousands of dollars.

This is our tenth year reunion and we want a big reunion celebration with the family tree. In previous years, family members would say, well why I am not on the tree and it is because you did not give us the information.

If you want to donate to the printing of the tree inbox me on that. Last year was time to get your duckies in a row for this big reunion. Last reunion, we had about 305 to attend the reunion. Reunions cost a lot of money and we always fall short. The coming reunion we do not plan to fall short, so get your duckies in ASAP in order to attend this reunion. No exceptions.

This announcement will be posted and reposted for a week. After that we will not mention getting on the family tree. It will be over for asking about getting on the family tree because we have a lot of work to do to pull this great tenth reunion off.

 Whitley Collins Descendents Family Tree Project

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